This year’s award will – for the first time – be coordinated by the IFP.

The Award has its own page on the IFP site here.

Now in its sixth year, the Paraplanner of the Year Award was originally established by members of the independent paraplanning community at TheParaplanner.com .

From the start, the IFP’s support for the Paraplanner of the Year Award – among the Institute’s many other activities – has been instrumental in helping to raise paraplanning’s profile and its professional standing over recent years.

Intended to recognise exceptional performance among their peers, the Paraplanner of the Year Award not only attracts more and more entries from a greater number of outstanding paraplanners each year, but it also serves as the benchmark for professional conduct and standards against which a growing pool of UK paraplanners are able to aspire.

It has been the Awards’ growing popularity that has led us to conclude that, after five years, it was high time to hand over the task of coordination to the IFP’s dedicated team, allowing us to concentrate on our roles as members of the judging panel.

The awards are now open and you can find out more and enter here.